News from Bertans Race Cars.


Fast Freddy back in the shop
Freddy need some more space in the driver seat and the clutch pedal when he go to the 6.20 zone with the old truck.

Latest creations


Löven racings new pro-stock
We made some chassis improwments with the old car, Tha`t working good. Now we made the same with the new plus little more secrets.

Pontiac pro-street


Pro-mod chassis with 37 body for sale
Double rail 25:1d Pro- mod Welded chassis include rack and pinion mounts, upper struts mounts, lower struts mounts,front 4-link brackets,37 chevy body,Mid plate ,handbrake,pedal mount, parachute handel mount,body mounted.price 17 000 $

Pro-street 70 Challenger
Back to paint shop again now with the body on.

Pro-street 70 Challenger
Finally we get the pro-street or pro-mod 70 dodge challenger together with 1050 hkr singel barrel 615 c:in plus 2 stage nitrous system.

Street car
Impala 60

Twin turbo hyundai
After last years racing in the low 7sec zone. They need some more 4-link adjustments, so we need to change the they can go in to the 6 sec zone.

Pontiac pro-mod
We going to make a lots of work on this car, double rail, wheel base, wing, engine mount, so the car can handle the power from a nitrous 706 cui.

Pontiac 96 pro-stock
We front halfed this car last season. Now we change the fourlink brackets so they can adjust that better. Plus we make a new firewall.

Pro-mod 61 bubbel-top
Finally we get the car together.

Twin Turbo Hyundai
1500hp turbo charge sb chevy. After they have upgrade the chassis . Now they want us to mount the front, doors also make a wing.

Pro-stock upgrades
We made some chassis improvements last season. That`s working good. This time we working on the fourlink and rear suspension.

63: Pro-mod corvette upgrades
This JBRC built 63 pro-mod .We have mount double rail in to the car and we have made a new firewall, Freestanding wing ,handbrake

37:coupe Pro-mod
New style in the rear suspension.fiberglass body .Double rail pro-mod chassis , Santuff strut in the front, Santuff shocks in the rear and nitrous engine .

Twin Turbo 66- Chevelle chassis
With 2000hp Twin Turbo Chevy bb. This customer want us to make a chassis that can handle the power. Here it is.